What are the subscription costs?

no need to shake the money tree



Bothwell Tennis Club's season starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st, and annual subscriptions are due by April 30th. Subscriptions are incredibly good value and you'll have no need to shake the money tree. Discounts are available for family memberships, and there is no additional joining fee for new members.


Subscriptions are reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting. Current subscriptions are:


Junior   £20

Adult    £55

Family  £90


One electronic key fob for access to the court and one key for access to the clubhouse are provided with each adult and family membership. One electronic key fob for access to court only is provided with each junior membership. A refundable deposit of £10 per fob is required, and additional or replacement fobs are available at a cost of £10 each.


Members' guests are welcome. Junior guests must however be accompanied by a responsible adult member. We operate an honesty policy with respect to visitors' fees. The accompanying member should collect a £2 fee for each adult visitor, or a £1 fee for each junior visitor, and give it to a committee member at the earliest opportunity. Guests are limited to three visits, after which a visitor is expected to become a fully paid-up member of the club.