Are there any social tournaments?


matches are played in a relaxed manner

Ladies, gents, junior boys and mixed doubles tournaments are organised through May and June, although matches are played in a relaxed manner. The finals take place during the club's annual Open Day which is generally on a Sunday towards the end of June.


As membership continues to grow, we plan to introduce more social tournaments with a bit of light hearted competition. These would provide a good opportunity to meet other members and have an enjoyable few hours of recreational tennis and conversation.


One such event could be a mixed doubles variation on an 'American Tournament' round-robin format. Playing partners would be pulled from a hat, and the first set of each match would be played with the selected playing partner, followed by a further two sets playing with each member of the opposing team in turn. The number of games won in the first set would be the 'team' score, and players individual scores would be the number of games won in the course of the whole match. Benefits of this format include the fact that everyone in the tournament gets to play both with and against everyone else, which is a great way of getting to know people, and as with any round-robin format, no-one gets knocked out.


Watch this space!